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Work, Play And Study In The Gold Coast


Work, Play and Study in the Gold Coast? Is it possible, you might ask? Yes, it is. International students will even be awarded an extra
point in their permanent residency application following successful completion of their
studies. With the reclassification of the Gold Coast as a regional area, attaining your dream of
settling down in Australia is closer than you think. For this reason, we are opening a new
campus on the Gold Coast.

Study in the Gold Coast for a Fine Balance Between City and Outdoor Life

Unlike Sydney or Melbourne, Gold Coast offers a fine balance between city and outdoor life.
From its world-famous surfing beaches to theme parks and bushwalks, you’ll be spoilt for
choice in terms of leisure and recreational activities. Great Australian outdoor living is at
your ‘dorm-step’. And if you need the buzz of city life, Brisbane, the state capital, is less than
an hour’s drive away.

In 2019, the economy was rated as one of the strongest in Australia. Its economic
diversification policies are paying off. Although tourism remains a major sector,
manufacturing, exports and education are contributing too (1). This augurs well for graduates
as a strong economy presents employment opportunities. At a time when the global economy
is looking very fragile, graduating into a growing economy is reassuring.

Securing Part-Time or Casual Work

With a strong tourism sector, securing part-time or casual work in hospitality, which most
students tend to prefer, is easier. Your command of international languages is a competitive
advantage. The Gold Coast attracts tourists from all parts of the world, including non-native
English speakers. You’re unlikely to face difficulties getting a job to support yourself here.

Despite its robust economy, the Gold Coast’s cost of living remains affordable. It has been
reported that the cost of living for international students here is 40% less expensive than
Sydney or Melbourne (2). If you’r considering study in the Gold Coast then SSBT has the range of courses and support to help you achieve your goals. With a lower cost of living, the financial weight of receiving a top-
class education Australia is known for is significantly reduced. It puts you in a much stronger
financial position when you start working.

Contact SSBT today

If you’re thinking of calling Australia home, take advantage of this reclassification and consider study in the Gold Coast. Start by
enrolling in any of the programs run by SSBT and connect with us to find out more.



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