Top 13 highest-grossing Christmas films of all time


Gross: $506 million

This live-action retelling of the classic Dr Seuss cartoon starred Jim Carrey as the horrid Grinch.

While it was loved by audiences the world over, Carrey was not so fond of the gruelling three hours he spent in the makeup chair each morning to get into character. But it was well worth it!

Another interesting fact about the movie is it’s location. While many assume Whoville to be in a completely fictional location, it is in a very real place – and it’s given away in the opening line.

The narrator begins the much-loved Christmas tale with the words, “Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve, there happened a story – you must see to believe.”

Twitter users were shocked that the tidbit that was right in front of their eyes.

“Anyone else completely forget that Whoville was on a mf snowflake?” one asked, “The Grinch must have been so small.”

Some commenters were more receptive in their childhood, with one saying, “The fact that the Grinch took place on a snowflake disturbed me as a kid. I kept expecting the whole thing to melt.”


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