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Pin Items Next to the Power Button in Windows 11 Start Menu –


Windows 11 Pin items

How do I Pin items next to the Power Button in the Windows 11 start menu?

Well, I have been using Windows 11 for quite some time now and visually I am starting to love the small improvements that have been made from Windows 10. The one small thing that I noticed was that in an attempt to visually clean up the start menu, they had removed some of the really handy shortcuts to things like Settings and file explorer that I became used to in Windows 10 near the power button. Well, there is some good news. Windows 11 allows you to customize the start menu to pin frequently used items next to the power button in the start menu. You can pin items like Settings, File Explorer, Documents, Music, Videos, Pictures, Network, or a Personal Folder. 

Use the instructions below to pin frequently used items next to the power button in the Start menu.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select Settings and choose the Settings App.
  1. Select Personalization from the left menu, then scroll down and select Start from the menu on the right.
  1. Select Folders.
windows 11 start menu
  1. Toggle each feature you want to pin next to the power button On or Off.
  1. Close the Settings menu.

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