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Kasual Collection by Karim Rashid Combines Casual & Luxury Details


Karim Rashid is one of the most iconic design visionaries and legends of our time. He is well-known for his artistic revolutionary designs, which are the result of his unique ideas and vision. The renowned New York-based designer often comes up with a unique collection of lifestyle products that are visually striking but practical at the same time. This time he has come up with the new Kasual collection of four creative lighting fixtures that combine the best of the casual and luxury worlds.

Beautifully wrapping up an exquisite collection of lighting pieces, Rashid’s new collection brings timelessness and high value to their project. This new collection earlier had a few furniture pieces, like a modular Karlotta sofa, Karlotta single sofa, and Karlotta stool. But now the famous designer has added stunning lighting accessories to the collection. Together the collection’s lighting pieces with the former furniture units are likely to add exquisite charm to any interior.

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The new collection includes four lighting fixtures called Katia Table and Pendant Light, Kapsule Suspension Lamp, Krown Chandelier and Suspension Lights, and Disco Table Lamp. This whole collection is a special creation of DelightFULL.

Combining casual pieces and luxe accessories, these new lighting pieces are visually striking. It is also the result of specially curated materials with vibrant hues. Together these elements add a cozy, chic factor to any interior where they are installed. But the whole collection forms a balance of simplicity and beauty. Hence, elevates the complete user experience.

Here are the striking lighting fixtures from Kasual Collection:

Katia Table Lamp and Pendant – Kasual Collection

Katia Table Lamp and Pendant - Kasual Collection

This table lamp and pendant set by Rashid is perfect to spruce up a stylish home decor or design studio. It is an elegantly curved lamp made with brass material and a cylindrical body. This particular lighting piece is likely to take you back to the retro 1970s feel. For instance, it is highly suitable for kitchen interiors, as it offers a complete 360-degree rotation.

Kapsule Suspension Lamp

Kapsule Suspension Lamp

This particular lamp is a formation of a perfect sculptural piece with a huge, attractive suspension. It boasts a futuristic yet feminine vibe with a timeless decorative touch. Hence, it’s ideal for any resort or home interior. It boasts brass strips, which are assembled and shaped by hand. The whole creation is the result of high-quality craftsmanship.

DISKO Table Lamp – Kasual Collection

DISKO Table Lamp - Kasual Collection

This is another unique rainbow-style lighting fixture. It has a simple table lamp shape to add a striking aesthetic element to your abode. This particular piece is perfect to add a cheerful and colorful vibe to any desired space. This lamp even boasts a large anti-reflective acrylic panel for protecting its neon light. Its design intends to defy gravity while creating an equilibrium of different floating elements. That’s how it gives profound character and impact to the given interior.

Krown Chandelier and Suspension Lights

Krown Chandelier and Suspension Lights

Krown chandelier and suspension lights are also other wondrous pieces for home decor. It appears like an hourglass. And, is available in form of chandeliers and suspension lamps. It boasts a perfectly geometric design that blends with sculptural shades and a handmade brass structure. The lighting due is likely to cast a subtle glow through the shades to create stunning shapes. So, its chandelier version also shines whenever you need to turn off the lights.

Via: DelightFULL


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