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Joe Pesci played Harry, Marv’s accomplice. He poses as a cop to get information about the houses he and Marv plan to rob.

The veteran star also reprised his role in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in 1992, which turns 30 this year.

In a new interview with People, Pesci said he has fond memories of the sequel, although one iconic scene – when Kevin sets Harry’s hat on fire – left him with a significant injury. 

“The Home Alone movies were a more physical type of comedy, therefore a little more demanding,” Pesci said. “In addition to the expected bumps, bruises, and general pains that you would associate with that particular type of physical humor, I did sustain serious burns to the top of my head during the scene where Harry’s hat is set on fire.”

Pesci is also known for his roles in Goodfellas and the Lethal Weapon franchise, but he hasn’t appeared in a film since the 2019 Netflix movie The Irishman with Robert De Niro. 


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