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Hot in Cleveland star Valerie Bertinelli is rejoicing into the New Year now her divorce from ex Tom Vitale is finalised.

Bertinelli, 62, who rose to fame for her portrayal of Barbara Cooper Royer on the sitcom One Day at a Time, had a joyous post to share with fans as she rang in the New Year.

This new year’s day is coming in so much happier than last year’s,” Bertinelli wrote.

“From a young age, New Year’s Day has been one of my absolute favorite days, for the last 5-6 years it’s been one of the saddest. No more. There is so much to look forward to now, when before it just looked endlessly sad, scary, lonely and stressful.”

She continued: “I have no idea what’s ahead for me and I’m not worried. I’m free. This new years day, 2023, is the first day of the rest of my life! I wish all of you every bit of joy and happiness and kindness that you claim. It’s all yours. Grab it!✨ Happy New Year.”

Bertinelli shocked fans when she filed for legal separation from her financial planner husband in November 2021, despite the pair being in a seemingly happy marriage.

Vitale and Bertinelli married in 2011, four years after she divorced her first husband, American rocker Eddie Van Halen.

Then in May 2022, Bertinelli amended her petition to ask for a divorce which was finalised in November 2022.

The actress has also recently shared a number of telling quote posts to her Instagram Stories, with one reading, “You can leave a toxic relationship but if you don’t heal what attracted you to them, you will meet them again. The same demon, just a different person.”


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