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Bamboo Garden Landscape Ideas to Inspire You


Do you know that bamboo is not a tree but grass? Although it appears like a tree, bamboo being the largest member of a grass family can tolerate extreme weather conditions. Hence, it’s a great choice for decking up your garden landscape. In this article, we’ll share with you amazing bamboo garden landscape ideas to inspire you to create your dream outdoor space.

But before getting into the landscape ideas, let’s find out more about bamboo.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is basically a perennial evergreen from the grass family. It has over 1,200 different species across the globe. The different species of bamboo grow to distinct heights of around 100-feet or more. It even grows new shows with no need for replantation. Moreover, its harvest time is within five years to make building materials or for any other construction or landscaping project.

There are two major types of bamboo –

Clumping bamboos – These produce various types of underground rhizomes, which sprouts new clumps next to the original plant. It further expands slowly every year. This type of bamboo is great for landscaping because it is fast-growing, prunable, and dense.

Running bamboos – These often spread through the long, horizontal roots called rhizomes.

Benefits of Using Bamboo in Garden Landscaping

Bamboo Wall Accent – Bamboo is used in two ways in this design. It is initially utilized to create a more three-dimensional wall that sticks out against the wood in this garden and looks fantastic. Second, there are live bamboo plants in the garden’s corner, which provide life to the space.

Screening – Natural bamboo screens may be pruned to desired heights and widths and grow faster and taller than shrubs and hedges, making them ideal for screening. Clumping bamboo variants, Golden Bamboo, and Dwarf Malay are among the most common bamboo species utilized for this purpose.

Bamboo fencing– Everyone wants a little solitude in their backyard, and this bamboo idea provides a great hedge-like design that will provide you with exactly that. The hedge is narrow, so it doesn’t take up too much room, but it does provide some privacy.

Containers – Growing a bamboo privacy screen in containers is a terrific option not only for people who live in densely populated places where space is limited but also for those who rent or lease their homes and don’t want to make any permanent modifications to the landscape. Containers that have been sunk in the ground, placed on your patio, or even arranged around the perimeter of your yard to create a hedge appearance usually look great.

Alternative uses– Bamboos are also utilized for patio furniture, fences, edging, water features, wind chimes, and ornamental places such as Zen gardens because they are environmentally benign and resilient.

Bamboo Garden Landscaping Ideas

Here are some amazing bamboo garden landscaping ideas to consider to glam up your outdoor space:

Bamboo Wall Accents

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Bamboo Wall Accents

For this bamboo garden landscaping idea, you can use bamboo in two different ways. First, use it as a three-dimensional wall to stand apart from the rest of the landscape while complimenting the overall accent of a garden. The second way is to add live bamboo plants to bring life to your garden area. We love the way white stones are bringing natural contrast to the wooden outdoor decor.

Tiny Corner with Bamboo

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Tiny Corner with Bamboo

Simply add two white chairs next to the bamboo plantation in your garden. The contrasting white chairs against the warm garden landscape will create a sense of coziness. It would also be a perfect spot for you to enjoy your morning or evening tea while relaxing. We love how simple this idea is but visually it will make a strong outdoor decor statement.

Wooden Planters of Bamboo

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Wooden Planters of Bamboo

Another stylish way of adding bamboo to your garden is with the installation of wooden planters. It will also help you control bamboo growth. Meanwhile, the rectangular planters will shape the bamboo into an ideal hedge-like shape. Plus, it will form a stunning cover around the planted bamboo.

Bamboo in Glass Cabins

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Bamboo in Glass Cabins

Do you want to add bamboo inside your house? Or thinking of making an indoor garden? Consider this idea of growing bamboo forests indoors but in a controlled glass cabin. However, keep the ceiling open to ensure bamboos grow denser and taller quickly.

Bamboo Garden For Entire Family

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Bamboo in Glass Cabins

Why not consider adding ample space in your bamboo garden for the entire family? This particular idea of installing a cozy large seating in your bamboo garden is great for a family or to entertain your guests. It is also a good idea if you often invite your friends over to your house for parties.

Bamboo Garden Hedge

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Bamboo Garden Hedge

Do you want to add some privacy to your garden space? If so, this specific bamboo garden idea is great for you. This hedge-like layout is great to add visual appeal to your outdoor space. Meanwhile, it helps in giving much-needed privacy to the given area. Since a hedge is narrow, it won’t make the area appear overwhelming. Instead, it helps you add a nice natural cover to the outdoor area.

Bamboo Garden Edging

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas Bamboo Garden Edging

If you think that adding a big hedge to your yard appears to be cold to the neighbors, it’s best to consider the edging option. Edging is done easily around the areas where you have planted trees, herbs, or shrubs. This idea beautifully creates a visible fence while creating a warmer feeling between you and your neighbors.

Bamboos Taller Than the Wall

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas - Bamboos Taller Than the Wall

Making bamboo grow taller than the fence wall is another phenomenal idea for bamboo garden landscaping. It helps in giving more height to the wall without making an extra footprint in your garden space. However, you need to consider regular pruning to keep this outdoor garden idea practical.

Bamboo Garden Pergola

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas | Bamboo Garden Pergola

If you have enough space in your garden, you can consider adding this DIY bamboo garden pergola to the landscape. You can set up the pergola using bamboo and a few tools. And, they add a small table, chairs, and benches to complete the outdoor dining space. This will add a cozy vibe to your garden space.

Illuminated Bamboo Garden Pathway

bamboo-garden-landscape-ideas | Illuminated Bamboo Garden Pathway

You can even consider creating this stunning garden pathway in your bamboo-planted garden. All you need to do is plan bamboo on either side of the garden pathway. Next, add weatherproof lamps near the bamboo to make the pathway illuminate in the evening. This idea will make any evening feel special as soon as you light up the lamps.


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