Anchor T.J. Holmes reportedly under investigation as two alleged flings with colleagues emerge in wake of romance with co-anchor Amy Robach


Disgraced American anchor T.J. Holmes is reportedly being investigated for potentially violating company rules amid reports of multiple alleged affairs with colleagues at US network ABC.

Holmes’ private life has been under the microscope since he and Good Morning America co-anchor Amy Robach‘s secret relationship was exposed while they were reportedly still married to their respective spouses. 

However, since their alleged affair was made public, Page Six and Entertainment Tonight claim Holmes had romantic relationships with two other women at the network.

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T.J. Holmes and wife Marilee Fiebig were married in 2010.
T.J. Holmes and wife Marilee Fiebig were reportedly still married up until August this year. (Instagram)

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Now, ABC’s human resources department is reportedly investigating if there have been other dalliances with colleagues beneath him in the pecking order

“It’s one thing for him to have a relationship with another anchor,” a source told Page Six. “The question is whether he violated company rules by dating less senior employees.”

As the investigation runs its course, both Holmes and Robacha have been temporarily taken off air by ABC News chief Kim Godwin as their reported romance was an “internal and external distraction”.

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Good Morning America co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes taken off air amid reports of an affair behind the scenes.
Good Morning America co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes taken off air amid reports of an affair that allegedly began in March this year. (ABC)

“For now, I am going to take Amy and T.J. off the air, while we figure this out,” she reportedly told fellow executives on a news call earlier this week, as per TMZ.

“This is something I’m not going to talk, we’re not going to talk about on this call until there is more to be said. I’m asking that we stop the whispering in the hallways.

“You know, we can’t operate with gossip, and speculation and rumors. We need to stay focused on the work.”

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